PPC Management

PPC and paid advertising work together in harmony. Paid advertising can also include print media, video, radio and all sources of paid advertising. In the digital realm, most advertising is lumped under PPC. PPC is the acronym for Pay Per Click advertising where you advertise your business via ads on the various services available like Google Adwords, Bing AdCenter, Yahoo! Gemini, and even Facebook. You pay each time a person clicks on your ad and visits your website.

However, the success of those ads can be very volatile. For example, you may have $5000 a month to use for PPC advertising on Google and Facebook, but how should you allocate that money? Should it be with all three search engines or only on Facebook? Where is your target audience located? How do you know if it’s successful? How much should you spend and what can you expect?

Google Adwords Certified companyThis is where Dr. Rankwell comes into the picture. A certified representative will research your business, the industry, the competitive landscape, where your customers are searching, and much more to then estimate how much budget you’ll need to advertise effectively.

Then we will set up a meeting to discuss our findings and strategize a plan.  Once a plan is in place, the representative will build your account including setting up your target geography or service area, bidding strategy, writing all of your ads put together in properly categorized ad groups, proper bidding strategies, and so much more.  Then we will monitor the activity to make sure that your money is being spent wisely.

Here is where we’re different!

  1. Wasted PPC CostOur PPC Management fees are super low.
    Most companies charge between 40-50%! That’s right. For every $10,000 you hand them for advertising, they pocket $5000. You should expect a fair management fee, but that’s simply not fair.
  2. Any representative touching your account is a Google Adwords certified professional.
    Any one that is managing your account will have taken all of the certification exams required to insure that your account is being managed correctly.
  3. If after 3 months your account, if your budget is having trouble spending, we will actually suggest that you lower your budgeting instead of irresponsibly wasting your money.
    Some companies will find ways to spend your budget, even if they know that it won’t be an effective use of your money and will most likely end up being wasteful. If we are going to try any alternate avenues for your budget, you will be the first to know.
  4. Our management fee is flat, regardless of activity.
    Some companies will give you a low management fee, but then additionally set a specific cost per lead (CPL) and keep the profits even if the lead is drastically lower.
    For instance, some attorneys may be quoted a CPL of $125 per lead, but if the company is able to acquire that lead for $10, they’ll pocket that $115 difference and still charge you $125 for the lead.
  5. We focus on results and complete transparency. 
    Many companies will not show you what they’re doing behind the curtain. We’ll give you read access to your Adwords account, so that you can see everything that’s happening, how much leads are costing you, and what changes are being made.
  6. No tricks, hidden charges or gimmicks.

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