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Schedule an SEO Class!Many people simply can’t absorb information unless they are given an SEO class or one on one experience. This is why Dr. Rankwell offers online and in-person classes for your business.  Is there something you need your staff to specifically understand?

We can create a specific class to help you and your staff get a better understanding of a huge variety of topics including PPC, SEO, Facebook marketing, Social bookmarking, social networking, proper content creation, website analysis, Google Analytics, and much more.

SEO Professionals like founder Christopher Horton (aka Mr. Christopher) can perform online classes or even come to your place of business for short classes or even full blown week long conferences going over all of the basics of SEO and digital marketing.  Contact us now and tell us where you need help and how we can educate your staff to make better decisions for your business that will establish a great foundation and have you dominating the SEO landscape in record time.

Mr. Christopher has not only performed SEO consultations and SEO classes for Fortune 500 companies, but has personally taught thousands of people about cutting edge techniques using white hat strategies. “White hat” refers to techniques and strategies that are compliant with Google’s guidelines so that your website won’t find itself penalized and in worse shape than when you began.

You can also read Chris’s book Simple SEO for Website Newbies that was designed to teach people SEO in an easy to understand delivery that even the most non-technical staff can grasp the concepts and discover the steps to SEO dominance.

View Christopher’s presentation below for ABC in Coast Mesa or you can also enter your email below to download the PDF presentation of Giving Google What They Want.

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