SEO Consultations

What’s Included With SEO Consultations?

Many people become frustrated about their websites and simply have no idea what’s going wrong or why they can’t rank. This is where SEO consultations can unmask the mystery.

Whether you choose to do an online or personal SEO class at your place of business or simply want Dr. Rankwell to perform an SEO consultation to analyze what your problems and obstacles are, they can come in a variety of size and scope. Here’s what you can expect as the base level for every one you may receive and why we do them.

  • seo consultations analysisPersonalized SEO consultation about your business
    • This is the end result product where we offer a walk through of all of our findings. We present all of our findings via video with you and your staff and also provide a recording of the entire meeting so that you can reference it as often as you need to do so or if there are any staffing changes.
  • In depth website analysis
    • We dive deep into your site to uncover problems like bottlenecks, programming issues that may be causing you some crawling issues from the search engine spiders, and any other potential issues not visible to the naked eye.
  • Full discussion of findings including;
    • Website structure
      • Is your website structured correctly or does it have problems like thin content, bottlenecks, or hidden viruses?
    • Social media activity
      • How well are you managing your social activity such as Twitter, Facebook and beyond? We uncover what’s working for you and what’s not.
    • Google alerts and issues
      • We dig to find any error messages being communicated to us by Google using a wide variety of tools at our disposal.
    • SEO compliance
      • Are you participating in any online activity that could be damaging your online reputation?
    • Mobile compliance
      • How well does your website conform to mobile and tablet environments?
    • Content analysis
      • Are you writing enough content to get the proper SEO results that you expect? Is that content written correctly and in a way that’s not seen in a negative way?
    • Link analysis (internal and external)
      • Where are you linking to and who’s linking to you?
  • Simple SEO for Website newbiesCompetitive Analysis
    • Who are your competitors and what are they doing right? What are you doing wrong? How can you catch up to the competitors that are doing it right?
  • Live online video consultation and recording
    • We present all of our findings in video format and record it for your personal use
  • Walkthrough of how to fix the problems
    • We don’t just show you the problems, but we also show you how to fix the issues either explaining the process or sharing some fantastic tools at your disposal that can reduce the time it takes to accomplish your goals.
  • One on one Q&A
    • After we discuss our findings, we also make sure you understand everything we’ve covered and open up the discussion to address any of your questions.
  • Progress checkup for 3 months w/ monthly reports showing progress.
    • 3 months after our SEO consultation, we’ll check back to see how things have progressed and answer any additional questions that you may have experienced after we left you the first time.
  • Copy of┬áSimple SEO for Website Newbies
    • All consultations come with a free copy of Christopher Horton’s book Simple SEO for Website Newbies that you can share in PDF format with your entire staff.

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