Do As Google says, Not As Google Does

by Chris Horton

I feel bad for people who are new to web advertising and trying to understand the various ways to make money online, but not fully grasping what they can and cannot do. Add Google to the mix and it gets even worse. So here are some do’s and don’ts that you should know even though it’s Google’s business model as it pertains to advertising and links in particular;

  1. DON’T sell advertising on your website. Google frowns on websites that sell ad space on their sites because they think that you’re trying to manipulate the rankings by allowing other websites to benefit from the popularity on your site.   Google will devalue your site if it sees that you’re selling banners or links by searching your site for terms like “Advertise here” or “Advertise with us”.  However, Google is allowed to sell ad space on their website though, because of supply and demand. Google is the most popular search engine online today and that’s one of the primary ways they generate revenue.  Yes, I know that’s what you’re trying to do now that your site is generating good traffic and people actually want to buy advertising on your site which is exactly what Google is doing, but Google is the Tony Soprano of the web and it’s just wise not to do what they do.

    You best Not
    Don’t offer products or services in exchange for a link. Google does not like it when you make offers such as “Get a free listing on our site if you link to us from yours!”.  Forget that something like this is referred to as reciprocal linking and really doesn’t have much value in the first place, but it will be even worse if Google sees it (which they will….maybe).  If the practice runs rampant on your site, you run the risk of getting your site penalized.  Google looks at this practice as a means of you swaying a person into linking to your website which will cause their algorithms to award you improperly.  Forget the fact that each and every year, Google gives away thousands of free phones, tablets, etc. so that people can help to expand their hold on the industry.

  2. Do not buy paid links. Google does not want you to purchase links on website because that may possibly give you an unfair advantage. Getting a link on a site with high PageRank (even if you have to purchase it) could possibly give you a boost (but most likely not).  Google would prefer that you only buy links from them.  Yes, that is okay.
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