Google Feedback Pop-Up

Google Asks For Feedback

Google Feedback Pop-Up

An interesting item began popping up for more folks in the form of a little mini-window that would on the bottom right of the Google search results asking how you felt about the results that you’re seeing. It was popping up infrequently, but is now more widely in distribution on more servers. The window very simply asks “How satisfied are you with these results?”  We’re not sure what’s more interesting. The fact that Google is starting to officially ask for feedback or if they’re truly ready to analyze the variance of answers they’re bound to receive.

The feedback doesn’t ask for any clarification of your answer, so if you indcate “Very Dissatisfied”, you’re presented with another pop up Thank You page that doesn’t require you to share why you didn’t like the results. It simply thanks you and says that “your feedback helps us improve our results”.  But wouldn’t you want to know why I didn’t like the results? If you were completely satisfied, then there’s nothing to ask, but if you’re truly dissatisfied, you would think they would want to know why.

However, considering that  they’ve spent their existence not really caring what you thought at all and basing your satisfaction via bounce rates and time on site, it’s interesting that they’re digging further with a feedback form that probably doesn’t give them much more insight than they already have.  What if I’m “dissatisfied” because my website isn’t showing up in the results?  That doesn’t have any bearing on the results themselves and nor would any supporting data tell you that I’m just being a whiner because my SEO sucks.  We can’t imagine any business owner being okay with a customer telling them they’re dissatisfied, but not sharing why.

So, once again, another head scratching anomaly from our gals and girls at the Googleplex, but we’d really love to see the results of their experiment. Which, of course, we won’t. But it’s fun to dream.



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