Yahoo Traffic

Yahoo! Picks Up the Ball

Yahoo Traffic

Yahoo! has begun making their visits actually show up under an alternate listing in analytics. As we had reported previously, Yahoo moved to a secure layered website to further protect their customers. The result was a dramatic dip in Yahoo! traffic that had most websites see a 60%+ dip in Yahoo traffic which was then categorized as “Direct” Traffic.

Yahoo! apparently listened because many will now see a new listing in the Referrer area for Yahoo! that shows up as along with the previous listing of simply Yahoo. Be sure to double check your traffic referral numbers and search for instances of this new entry when pulling your numbers if you’re assessing the traffic from Yahoo. And you are looking at that, right?

Keep in mind, that while it does fix a lot of the viewable traffic from Yahoo, it does not fix the entire problem as most businesses are still short about 10-15% of the usual traffic. We imagine they’ll keep working through the identification of that lost traffic, but at least it’s getting closer to normal.

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