Google Domains

Google Domains and SEO Benefits?

Google has opened up a limited invitation only user trial of a domain registrar service imply called Google Domains. It does beg to question that there could very well be SEO benefits to hopping on board. And while that may seem like a big monopolistic move, hear us out.

The registration process itself is fairly easy and it’s competitively priced at $12 which includes a transfer of the domain along with all of its current settings to avoid any downtime and it also includes private registration to protect your identity which always costs additional at most all other registrars.

But what about those SEO benefits? From a broad sweep, you might assess that there really aren’t any, but that might not indirectly be true.  So we look at some possible considerations for moving your domain(s) over to Google Domains.  And while none of these are confirmed as reality, it would almost seem like they would have to be;

  1. Priority Indexing – Would it be hard to consider that Google may give a slight priority to the domains that are hosted using their own services?  Not a ranking priority, but an indexing priority where your Google domains are crawled before ones that are hosted externally.
  2. Google, It’s Me – Showing Google all of the services that you utilize from Gmail, Analytics, Adwords, Google+, etc will give Google good insight into you as a Google products user which could in turn give Google a better understanding of your business. Especially if it’s your business’s Google account that you establish the domain onto.
  3. I’ve Changed – Along with the priority indexing would come the knowledge of any changes on your website which means that Google would almost immediately be aware of changes to your content. While there are other ways to accomplish that, as Google becomes more aware of those methods, indexing domains registered with them will probably never go away.
  4. Houston… – Along with the Google Domain service, they have also launched support for the product that includes phone support for its customers during normal business hours on both coasts. That means that if there are problems with the domain itself (banned, unavailable, etc.), you may very well be able to utilize them directly to get more details into what the problems may be (within the Google realm).

Now while there is no proof that any of this is going to actually be a benefit to using the new service, we’re testing things out anyway and have transferred two domains over and will move more as they begin to get close to expiration.

At a mere $12, it’s worth looking into if it potentially gives you an advantage and we simply find it hard to believe that Google wouldn’t give some benefit to trusting them with your domains. If Godaddy and other similar mass registrar services are going to refuse to be competitive in their pricing, it’s almost silly not to at least give it a valid try.