Best SEO Organizations

Of all of the SEO organizations out there that you could become a member of, there are dozens and dozens and some of them are VERY expensive. I’ve personally been a member of the ones that cost $800 a month and some that are even $47 a YEAR. That’s a big difference in pricing and you get about the same level of information. Here are the ones that you simply MUST be a member of to stay in touch with the latest in the SEO world;

SEOMoz (
Cost: Varies. The pro level can be acquired for only $79 per year and that’s ridiculously cheap for what you get.
What You Get: Tons of tools like Linkscape, Ranking tools, a couple questions a month answered directly from an SEO professional, updates, monthly online meetings walking you through handling things like social media and other hot topics, free invites to networking sessions all over the world (mostly U.S.) and tons more.

SearchEngineLand (
Cost: $149 per year for premium membership (WELL worth it)
What you get: Well most importantly, if you plan to attend an SMX conference in the coming year, you’ll get your money back immediately plus some. By far, the best and most informative SEO conference you will ever, ever go to. Typically takes place in Seattle, New York, London, and other places. The site is extremely user friendly and is updated very frequently meaning multiple times daily. Lots of great news like search engine changes, scams, etc. This one is at the top of my list and one of my favorites.

SearchEngineNews (
Cost: 6 months for a measly $97 or a year for $144
What you get: A monthly newsletter that talks about current changes that are going on with the search engines. I’d hold off on this one until you get more comfortable with what you’re doing and get everything in place. Once you do, then try this out. They also provide the top 10 directories to submit to, top article places, etc. So try it for 6 months and if it works for you, great.

WebProNews (
Cost: Free
What you get: While there are some paid avenues you can tread down, most of the information supplied is ad-supported and there’s a lot of it. Their emails alone contain a ridiculous amount of up to date SEO information. It’s worth your time and may actually give you too much, which is this side of awesome.